opaextractstat (8) - Linux Man Pages



Performs an error analysis of a fabric and provides augmented information from a topology_file. The report provides cable information as well as symbol error counts.

opaextractstat generates a detailed opareport errors report that also has a topology file (see opareport for more information about topology files). The report is piped to opaxmlextract which extracts values for Link, Cable and Port. (The port element names are context-sensitive.) Note that opaxmlextract generates two extraction records for each link (one for each port on the link); therefore, opaextractstat merges the two records into a single record and removes redundant link and cable information.

opaextractstat contains a while read loop that reads the CSV line-by-line, uses cut to remove redundant information, and outputs the data on a common line.


opaextractstat topology_file [ opareport options]


Produces full help text.

Specifies topology_file to use.

 opareport options 

 Options are passed to opareport. See opareport for the full set of options.

The portion of the script that calls opareport and opaxmlextract follows:

opareport -x -d 10 -s -o errors -T $@ | opaxmlextract -d ;
-e Rate -e MTU -e LinkDetails -e CableLength -e CableLabel
-e CableDetails -e Port.NodeDesc -e Port.PortNum -e SymbolErrors.Value


opaextractstat topology_file
opaextractstat topology_file -c my_opamon.conf