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popularity-contest: list the most popular Debian packages


popularity-contest - list the most popular Debian packages




The popularity-contest command gathers information about Debian packages installed on the system, and prints the name of the most recently used executable program in that package as well as its last-accessed time (atime) and last-attribute-changed time (ctime) to stdout.

When aggregated with the output of popularity-contest from many other systems, this information is valuable because it can be used to determine which Debian packages are commonly installed, used, or installed and never used. This helps Debian maintainers make decisions such as which packages should be installed by default on new systems.

The resulting statistic is available from the project home page https://popcon.debian.org/.

Normally, popularity-contest is run from a cron(8) job, /etc/cron.daily/popularity-contest, which automatically submits the results to Debian package maintainers (only once a week) according to the settings in /etc/popularity-contest.conf and /usr/share/popularity-contest/default.conf.


Avery Pennarun <apenwarr [at] debian.org>.


The popularity-contest FAQ at /usr/share/doc/popularity-contest/FAQ popcon-largest-unused(8), cron(8)

Additional documentation is in /usr/share/doc/popularity-contest/.