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puppet-plugin: Interact with the Puppet plugin system.


puppet-plugin - Interact with the Puppet plugin system.


puppet plugin action


This subcommand provides network access to the puppet master's store of plugins.

The puppet master serves Ruby code collected from the lib directories of its modules. These plugins can be used on agent nodes to extend Facter and implement custom types and providers. Plugins are normally downloaded by puppet agent during the course of a run.


Note that any configuration parameter that's valid in the configuration file is also a valid long argument, although it may or may not be relevant to the present action. For example, server and run_mode are valid configuration parameters, so you can specify --server <servername>, or --run_mode <runmode> as an argument.

See the configuration file documentation at http://docs.puppetlabs.com/references/stable/configuration.html for the full list of acceptable parameters. A commented list of all configuration options can also be generated by running puppet with --genconfig.

--render-as FORMAT
The format in which to render output. The most common formats are json, s (string), yaml, and console, but other options such as dot are sometimes available.
Whether to log verbosely.
Whether to log debug information.


download - Download plugins from the puppet master.
puppet plugin download
Downloads plugins from the configured puppet master. Any plugins downloaded in this way will be used in all subsequent Puppet activity. This action modifies files on disk.
A list of the files downloaded, or a confirmation that no files were downloaded. When used from the Ruby API, this action returns an array of the files downloaded, which will be empty if none were retrieved.



Retrieve plugins from the puppet master:

$ puppet plugin download

Retrieve plugins from the puppet master (API example):

$ Puppet::Face[:plugin, '0.0.1'].download


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