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repoview: Make YUM repositories browseable


repoview - Make YUM repositories browseable


repoview [options] repodir


RepoView allows one to easily create a set of static HTML pages in a YUM repository, allowing simple browsing of available packages. It uses kid templating engine to create the pages and is therefore easily customizeable.


-i, --ignore-package NAME
Optionally ignore this package -- can be a shell-style glob. This is useful for excluding debuginfo packages:
-i *debuginfo* -i *doc*
The globbing will be done against name-epoch-version-release, e.g. foo-0-1.0-1
-x, --exclude-arch ARCH
Optionally exclude this arch. E.g.:
-x src -x ia64
-k, --template-dir DIR
Use an alternative directory with kid templates instead of the default: ./templates. The template directory must contain four required template files: index.kid, group.kid, package.kid, rss.kid and the "layout" dir which will be copied into the repoview directory.
-o, --output-dir DIR
Create the repoview pages in this subdirectory inside the repository (default: "repoview")
-s, --state-dir DIR
Create the state-tracking db in this directory (default: store in output directory)
-t, --title TITLE
Describe the repository in a few words. By default "RepoView" is used. E.g.:
-t "Extras for Fedora Core 3 x86"
-u, --url URL
Repository URL to use when generating the RSS feed. E.g.:
-u ""
Not providing a url will disable RSS feed generation.
-f, --force
Regenerate the pages even if the repomd checksum has not changed.
-q, --quiet
Do not output anything except fatal errors.
-c, --comps
Use an alternative comps.xml file, instead of the one specified in repomd.
-V, --version
Print version number and exit.
-h, --help
Print usage message and exit.
Where to look for the "repodata" directory.




The simplest invocation is:

repoview /path/to/repository
repoview -t 'Fedora Extras 4 ix86' /path/to/repository

When running from cron, you want to use the -q switch:

repoview -q /path/to/repository

This will generate an RSS feed:

repoview -u /path/to/repository


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