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mtx-update: ConTeXt Minimals Updater


 mtx-update - ConTeXt Minimals Updater


mtxrun --script update [ OPTIONS ... ] [ FILENAMES ]


ConTeXt Minimals Updater


platform (windows, linux, linux-64, osx-intel, osx-ppc, linux-ppc)
repository url (rsync://
repository url (minimals)
specify version (current, experimental)
specify version (current, latest, beta,
rsync binary (rsync)
installation directory (not guessed for the moment)
tex engine (luatex, pdftex, xetex)
extra modules (can be list or 'all')
additional fonts (can be list or 'all')
extra binaries (like scite and texworks)
instead of a dryrun, do the real thing
update minimal tree
also make formats and generate file databases
don't delete unused or obsolete files
update tree using saved state
adapt drive specs to cygwin
assume mingw binaries being used
less (or no) logging


More information about ConTeXt and the tools that come with it can be found at:

maillist: ntg-context [at] /

webpage: /