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sc::CSGradErep12Qtr -


Inherits sc::Thread.

Public Member Functions

CSGradErep12Qtr (int mythread_a, int nthread_a, int me_a, int nproc_a, const Ref< MemoryGrp > &mem_a, const Ref< MessageGrp > &msg_a, const Ref< ThreadLock > &lock_a, const Ref< GaussianBasisSet > &basis_a, const Ref< TwoBodyInt > &tbint_a, int nocc_a, double **scf_vector_a, double tol_a, int debug_a, int dynamic_a, double print_percent_a, DistShellPair::SharedData *shellpair_shared_data, int usep4)

void set_i_offset (int ioff)

void set_ni (int nivalue)

void run ()
This is called with the Thread is run from a ThreadGrp.


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