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ttk::checkbutton: On/off widget


ttk::checkbutton - On/off widget


ttk::checkbutton pathName ?options?


A ttk::checkbutton widget is used to show or change a setting. It has two states, selected and deselected. The state of the checkbutton may be linked to a Tcl variable.


-class     -compound-cursor
-image     -state-style
-takefocus -text-textvariable
-underline -width

See the ttk_widget manual entry for details on the standard options.


Command-Line Name:-command
Database Name:command
Database Class:Command
A Tcl script to execute whenever the widget is invoked.

Command-Line Name:-offvalue
Database Name:offValue
Database Class:OffValue
The value to store in the associated -variable when the widget is deselected. Defaults to 0.

Command-Line Name:-onvalue
Database Name:onValue
Database Class:OnValue
The value to store in the associated -variable when the widget is selected. Defaults to 1.

Command-Line Name:-variable
Database Name:variable
Database Class:Variable
The name of a global variable whose value is linked to the widget. Defaults to the widget pathname if not specified.


In addition to the standard cget, configure, identify, instate, and state commands, checkbuttons support the following additional widget commands:

pathname invoke
Toggles between the selected and deselected states and evaluates the associated -command. If the widget is currently selected, sets the -variable to the -offvalue and deselects the widget; otherwise, sets the -variable to the -onvalue Returns the result of the -command.


The widget does not respond to user input if the disabled state is set. The widget sets the selected state whenever the linked -variable is set to the widget's -onvalue, and clears it otherwise. The widget sets the alternate state whenever the linked -variable is unset. (The alternate state may be used to indicate a ``tri-state'' or ``indeterminate'' selection.)


Ttk::checkbutton widgets support the Toolbutton style in all standard themes, which is useful for creating widgets for toolbars.


widget, button, toggle, check, option