dpkg-realpath (1) - Linux Manuals

dpkg-realpath: print the resolved pathname with DPKG_ROOT support


dpkg-realpath - print the resolved pathname with DPKG_ROOT support


dpkg-realpath [option...] pathname


dpkg-realpath is a tool (since dpkg 1.20.1) to resolve a pathname, that takes the dpkg(1) root directory into account, either implicitly from the DPKG_ROOT environment variable or from the command-line --root or --instdir options, and returns an absolute pathname relative to the root directory. The root directory must not be prefixed to the pathname to be resolved.

This is intended to be used by other dpkg helpers, or by maintainer scripts instead of using realpath(1) or readlink(1) to canonicalize pathnames, as these latter commands do not support canonicalization relative to a different root than /.


-z, --zero
Use a NUL byte to end output lines instead of a new line character (since dpkg 1.20.6).
--instdir directory
--root directory
Set the root directory to directory, which is the base directory that pathnames get canonicalized against. Defaults to «/».
-?, --help
Show the usage message and exit.
Show the version and exit.


If set and the --instdir or --root options have not been specified, it will be used as the filesystem root directory.
Sets the color mode. The currently accepted values are: auto (default), always and never.


realpath(1), readlink(1).