gfal-copy (1) - Linux Manuals

gfal-copy: Copy files


gfal-copy - Copy files


gfal-copy [ OPTION ]... SOURCE DEST1 [ DEST2 ... ]


gfal-copy Copies files from source to destination(s). If several destinations are specified, the file will be copy in a chain: src -> dst1, dst1 -> dst2, ... If used in an interactive console, transfer information will be giving during the copy, which varies depending on the available information. This command can be used to upload local files to remote file systems and to register files in the file catalog (see examples).


-h, --help
show help about the command.
-V, --version
output version information and exit.
-v, --verbose
verbose mode. Repeat up to 3 times for the most verbose mode.
-D, --definition
define properties for gfal2.
-C, --client-info
provide custom client-side information
-t, --timeout TIMEOUT
maximum time for the operation to terminate - default is 1800 seconds. This timeout is enforced by gfal2-util, so it applies to the overall operation. It should be greater or equal than --transfer-timeout.
-E, --cert CERT
user certificate
--key KEY
user private key
Forces gfal2-util to use IPv4 addresses only
Forces gfal2-util to use IPv6 addresses only
-f, --force
if destination file(s) cannot be overwritten, delete it and try again
-p, --parent
if the destination directory does not exist, create it
-n, --nbstreams NBSTREAMS
specify the maximum number of parallel streams to use for the copy
--tcp-buffersize TCP_BUFFERSIZE
specify the TCP buffersize
-s, --src-spacetoken SRC_SPACETOKEN
source spacetoken to use for the transfer
-S, --dst-spacetoken DST_SPACETOKEN
destination spacetoken to use for the transfer
-T, --transfer-timeout TRANSFER_TIMEOUT
timeout for the transfer operation. This timeout is enforced by each plugin, so it applies to the transfer operation only.
-K, --checksum CHECKSUM
checksum algorithm to use, or algorithm:value
--from-file FROM_FILE
read sources from a file
just do the copy and skip any preparation (i.e. checksum, overwrite, etc.)


Copy a file to srm://, preferring a protocol as specified in the configuration file:
gfal-copy file:///etc/group srm://

You can specify directly a protocol, if you know that it is supported by the end point:
gfal-copy file:///tmp/test gsi

Do a chained copy:
gfal-copy file:///tmp/test gsi file:///tmp/test2

Registration of a file in the LFC:
gfal-copy file:///tmp/source gsi lfc://


All configuration files in this directory affect the behavior of the underlying gfal2, in particular, the default choice of transfer protocols.


Duarte Meneses <duarte.meneses [at]>
Adrien Devresse <adrien.devresse [at]>
Alejandro Alvarez Ayllon <alejandro.alvarez.ayllon [at]>


gfal-copy(1), gfal-rm(1), gfal-cat(1), gfal-save(1), gfal-mkdir(1), gfal-ls(1), gfal-xattr(1)