lxc-wait (1) - Linux Manuals

lxc-wait: wait for a specific container state


lxc-wait - wait for a specific container state


lxc-wait {-n name} {-s states}


lxc-wait waits for a specific container state before exiting, this is useful for scripting.


-s states
Specify the container state(s) to wait for. The container states can be ORed to specify several states.
-t timeout
Wait timeout seconds for desired state to be reached.


These options are common to most of lxc commands.
-?, -h, --help
Print a longer usage message than normal.
Give the usage message
-q, --quiet
mute on
-P, --lxcpath=PATH
Use an alternate container path. The default is /var/lib/lxc.
-o, --logfile=FILE
Output to an alternate log FILE. The default is no log.
-l, --logpriority=LEVEL
Set log priority to LEVEL. The default log priority is ERROR. Possible values are : FATAL, CRIT, WARN, ERROR, NOTICE, INFO, DEBUG.

Note that this option is setting the priority of the events log in the alternate log file. It do not have effect on the ERROR events log on stderr.

-n, --name=NAME
Use container identifier NAME. The container identifier format is an alphanumeric string.
Show the version number.


lxc-wait -n foo -s RUNNING
exits when 'RUNNING' is reached.
lxc-wait -n foo -s 'RUNNING|STOPPED'
exits when 'RUNNING' or 'STOPPED' state is reached.


The container was not found
The specified container was not created before with the lxc-create command.


Daniel Lezcano <daniel.lezcano [at] free.fr>