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museekcontrol: Command-Line control Python Script for Museekd


MuseekControl - Command-Line control Python Script for Museekd


MuseekControl is command-line Python script that connects to museekd(1) and initiates many different commands. Chat Room watching, one-time chat messages, browsing shares, searching, viewing User info and setting tickers are just some of the many commands available.

Only one museek option will work at a time. If two are set, the last one will be used.

Setting the interface and password on the command-line is a security risk. Since interface and password settings are saved to the config file when set, you should set them, exit museekcontrol, and rerun museekcontrol without the password options on the commandline..LP

Before running, you will need a working museekd(1) and need to know your museekd interface and interface password. Configure those with musetup(1).


museekcontrol [-c |--config <config-filename>] [--gs | --gsearch <query>] [--rs | --rsearch <query>] [--bs | --bsearch <query>] [-r | --rooms] [--roomlist] [--joined] [--roominfo <room>] [--roomsinfo] [--sroom <room>] [--srooms] [--sprivate <user>] [--sprivates] [--tickers <room>] [--alltickers] [-j | --join <room>] [-l | --leave <room>] [-m | --message <message>] [--chat <room>] [--pm | --private <user>] [--setticker <room>] [--settempticker <room>] [--setdefaultticker] [--buddy | --unbuddy <user>] [--ignore | --unignore <user>] [--ban | --unban <user>] [--trust | --distrust <user>] [--comment <string>] [--info <user>] [--minfo] [--ip <user>] [-b | --browse <user>] [--mb | --mbrowse] [-t | --transfers] [--mt | --mtransfers] [--download slsk://user/path] [--upload slsk://user/path] [--abortup slsk://user/path] [--abortdown slsk://user/path] [--removeup slsk://user/path] [--removedown slsk://user/path] [--retryup slsk://user/path] [--retrydown slsk://user/path] [-i | --interface <host:port | /socket.path> [-p | --password <inteface-password>] [-v | --version] [-h | --help]


Museekcontrol accepts the following options:

-c <filename>, --config <filename>
Use a different config file. v SEARCHING:
--gs, --gsearch <query>
Globally search for query & show results
--rs, --rsearch <query>
Room search for query & show results
--bs, --bsearch <query>
Buddy search for query & show results
-r, --rooms
Show list of rooms
Refresh list of rooms
Show list of Joined rooms
--roominfo <room>
Show users in a Joined room
Show users for all Joined rooms
--sroom <room>
Show chat log for room
Show chat log for all rooms
-j, --join <room>
Join a room
-l, --leave <room>
Leave a room
--chat <room>
Use with --message
-m, --message <message>
Say message in room (Use with --chat)
--tickers <room>
Show tickers in room
Show tickers in all rooms
--setticker <room>
Pick a room to set the ticker in. (Use with --message)
--settempticker <room>
Pick a room for a temporary ticker (Use with --message)
Set the default ticker for all room (Use with --message)
-m, --message <message>
Set the ticker to this.
--sprivate <user>
Show Private Chat log for a user
Show Private Chat logs for all users
--pm, --private <user>
Say message in PM (Use with --message)
-m, --message <message>
Say message in PM (Use with --pm)
--buddy --unbuddy <user>
Add/Remove user from Buddies list
--ignore --unignore <user>
Add/Remove user from Ignore list
--ban --unban <user>
Add/Remove user from Banned list
--trust --distrust <user>
Add/Remove user from Trusted list
--comment <string>
Comment for the user in list
--info <user>
Show a user's info (Saves image to <user>.img if available)
Monitor all User Info
--ip <user>
Get a user's IP and Port
-b. --browse <user>
Get a user's shares and show them
--mb, --mbrowse
Monitor browsing


-t, --transfers
Display all current uploads and downloads and exit.
--mt, --mtransfers
Monitor transfers
--download slsk://user/path
Add file or dir to the download queue
--upload slsk://user/path
Attempt to upload file to user
--abortup slsk://user/path
Abort Upload
--abortdown slsk://user/path
Abort Download
--removeup slsk://user/path
Remove Upload from queue
--removedown slsk://user/path
Remove Download from queue
--retryup slsk://user/path
Retry Upload (for remote uploads)
--retrydown slsk://user/path
Retry Download

-i, --interface <host:port | /socket.path>
Choose a different interface (saved to config file)
-p, --password <interface-password>
Choose a different password (saved to config file)
-v, --version
Display Version and exit.
-h, --help
Display Help and exit.


To run this program the standard way type:


Alternativly you use a different config file with:

museekcontrol --config museekcontrol.config

To set the interface password:

museekcontrol --password 1234567890

To listen to all joined Chat Rooms:

museekcontrol --srooms

To Search Globally for "crazy pumpkin rabbits":

museekcontrol --gsearch "crazy pumpkin rabbits"


The default location for the museekcontrol config file.


daelstorm <daelstorm [at]>

Hyriand <hyriand [at]>


mucous(1) mulog(1) murmur(1) muscan(1) muscand(1) museekd(1) museeq(1) musetup(1) musetup-gtk(1)