Muscan - File scanner for Museek


muscan [-c <filename>] [--config <filename>] [-b] [--buddy] [-v] [--verbose] [-r] [--rescan] [-n] [--noscan] [-s <directory>] [--share <directory>] [-u <directory>] [--unshare <directory>] [-l] [--list] [-h] [--help]


Muscan scans paths & files to be shared by museekd(1). It creates a database of files, with meta-data for MP3 and OGG Vorbis files, if Vorbis support was compiled in. There are two available shares databases, Normal and Buddies-Only. Buddies-Only is an optional shares database that, if enabled, is only accessable by the users you've chosen as "Buddies".

Before running muscan, you will need a configured museekd, which can be done with musetup(1) or fI>musetup-gtk(1), and add some shared paths with either of the setup tools or with muscan(1).


Muscan accepts the following options:

-c <filename>, --config <filename>
Use a different config file.
-b, --buddy
Select Buddy-Only Shares.
-s <directory>, --share <directory>
Add directory to shares.
-u <directory>, --unshare <directory>
Remove directory from shares.
-r, --rescan
Rescan shares.
-n, --noscan
Do not rescan shares.
-v, --verbose
Be verbose while scanning shares.
-l, --list
Display list of shared directories.
-h, --help
Display Help, version and exit.


To run a quick shares update, run:

muscan or muscan -b

To rescan everything, run:

muscan -r or muscan -b -r

Alternatively you use a different config file with:

muscan --config config.xml


The default location for the museekd config file.

The default location for the Normal shares database.

The default location for the active Normal shares database.

The default location for the Buddy shares database.

The default location for the active Buddy shares database's.


Hyriand <hyriand [at]>

daelstorm <daelstorm [at]>


mucous(1) mulog(1) murmur(1) muscand(1) museekcontrol(1) museekd(1) museeq(1) musetup(1) musetup-gtk(1)