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rosdep: rosdep command


rosdep - rosdep command


rosdep <command> [options] [args]


The rosdep command helps you install external dependencies in an OS-independent manner. For example, what Debian packages do you need in order to get the OpenGL headers on Ubuntu? How about OS X? Fedora? rosdep can answer this question for your platform and install the necessary package(s).

For more information on rosdep, see

Run "rosdep -h" or "rosdep <command> -h" to access the built-in tool documentation.


check <packages>... Check if the dependencies of ROS package(s) have been met.

install <packages>... Install dependencies for specified ROS packages.

db <packages>... Display the dependency database for package(s).

keys <packages>... List the rosdep keys that the ROS packages depend on.

what-needs <rosdeps>... Print a list of packages that declare a rosdep on (at least one of) <rosdeps>

where-defined <rosdeps>... Print a list of YAML files that declare a rosdep on (at least one of) <rosdeps>


--os=OS_NAME:OS_VERSION Override OS name and version (colon-separated), e.g. ubuntu:lucid

-i, --include_duplicates Do not deduplicate

-a, --all Select all ROS packages. Only valid for commands that take <packages> as arguments.

-h, --help Show usage information

-v, --verbose Enable verbose output


--reinstall (re)install all dependencies, even if already installed

-y, --default-yes Tell the package manager to default to y or fail when installing

-s, --simulate Simulate install

-r Continue installing despite errors.


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