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trademgen_extractBookingRequests -

  Script extracting booking requests, as generated by the C++ Simulated Travel Demand Generation (TraDemGen) Library


trademgen_extractBookingRequests [-h|--help] [-i|--input <path-to-input-log-file>


trademgen_extractBookingRequests is a small shell script, extracting the booking requests from the log file produced by the 'trademgen_generateDemand' binary.

It produces an output with the following format: Logfile line number, Booking date, Orign-Destination, Departure date For instance: 39, 2009-May-26, SIN-HND, 2010-Feb-09

See also the trademgen_drawBookingArrivals script, which plots booking arrival curves from those very same booking requests. Note that there is no dependency between those two scripts.

trademgen_extractBookingRequests accepts the following options:

-h, --help

 Produce that message and show usage.


 Path to the input file, i.e., to the log file generated by the trademgen_generateDemand utility. If blank, the default log file is 'trademgen_generateDemand.log'.

See the output of the `trademgen_extractBookingRequests --help' command for default options.


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Copyright © 2009-2013 Denis Arnaud

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