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wmf2fig: Convert metafile image to XFig format


wmf2fig - Convert metafile image to XFig format


wmf2fig [OPTION] ... [-o <file.eps>] <file.wmf>

wmf2fig [OPTION] ... --auto <file1.wmf> [<file2.wmf> ...]


Convert metafile image to XFig format.


the FIG unit as fraction of inch, default: 1200

where <page> is one of (default A4):

A[01234] B5 Letter Legal Ledger Tabloid.

switch to landscape view.

switch to portrait view (default).

scale image: fit to page (1 inch margins)

ignore margins when scaling

render at one depth value

where <fmt> is one of (default eps): eps,png,jpg

comment # Title

comment # Creator

comment # Date

comment # For

display version info and exit.

display this help and exit.

display wmf-related help and exit.

Additional wmf-related options

switch for error reports.

switch for debug reports, if any.

switch to ignore (some) non-fatal errors.

emit diagnostic information.

add <path> to list of font directories.

use system fonts, if any found.

use system xml-fontmap file <file>.

use non-system fonts, if any found.

use non-system xml-fontmap file <file>.

use ghostscript file <file>.

write metafile to <file>.


wmf2fig is originally written by Martin Vermeer and currently maintained by Caolán McNamara

This manual page was written by Yangfl for the Debian Project (and may be used by others).