fribidi_get_bracket_types (3) - Linux Manuals

fribidi_get_bracket_types: get bracketed characters


fribidi_get_bracket_types - get bracketed characters


#include <fribidi.h>

extern void fribidi_get_bracket_types
       const FriBidiChar *str,

       const FriBidiStrIndex len,

       const FriBidiCharType *types,

       FriBidiBracketType *btypes



const FriBidiChar *str
Input string.
const FriBidiStrIndex len
Input string length.
const FriBidiCharType *types
Input bidi types.

Since there are 23 possible values for a const FriBidiCharType, they are not all listed here.

FriBidiBracketType *btypes
Output bracketed characters.


This function finds the bracketed characters of an string of characters. See fribidi_get_bracket() for more information about the bracketed characters returned by this function.