fribidi_shape_arabic (3) - Linux Manuals

fribidi_shape_arabic: do Arabic shaping


fribidi_shape_arabic - do Arabic shaping


#include <fribidi.h>

extern void fribidi_shape_arabic
       FriBidiFlags flags,

       const FriBidiLevel *embedding_levels,

       const FriBidiStrIndex len,

       FriBidiArabicProp *ar_props,

       FriBidiChar *str



FriBidiFlags flags
Shaping flags.
const FriBidiLevel *embedding_levels
Not Documented.
const FriBidiStrIndex len
Input string length.
FriBidiArabicProp *ar_props
Input/output Arabic properties as computed by fribidi_join_arabic.
FriBidiChar *str
String to shape.


The actual shaping that is done depends on the flags set. Only flags starting with FRIBIDI_FLAG_SHAPE_ARAB_ affect this function. Currently these are:

* FRIBIDI_FLAG_SHAPE_ARAB_PRES: Shape Arabic characters to their presentation form glyphs.
* FRIBIDI_FLAG_SHAPE_ARAB_LIGA: Form mandatory Arabic ligatures.
* FRIBIDI_FLAG_SHAPE_ARAB_CONSOLE: Perform additional Arabic shaping suitable for text rendered on grid terminals with no mark rendering capabilities.

Of the above, FRIBIDI_FLAG_SHAPE_ARAB_CONSOLE is only used in special cases, but the rest are recommended in any environment that doesn't have other means for doing Arabic shaping. The set of extra flags that enable this level of Arabic support has a shortcut named FRIBIDI_FLAGS_ARABIC.