glutReshapeFunc (3) - Linux Manuals

glutReshapeFunc: Sets the Reshape callback for the current window.


glutReshapeFunc - Sets the Reshape callback for the current window.


OpenGLUT - windowcallback


In openglut.h Ft void Fn glutReshapeFunc void( *callback )( int w int h )


Bf Em
 callback Ef
    Client function for reshape-window event.


This registers a function with OpenGLUT, which OpenGLUT will invoke whenever the window is reshaped or resized. Your callback is only invoked when the host window system has actually changed the window size.

The parameters to your callback are the new width and height for your window.

If you do not provide a reshape callback, OpenGLUT will simply call glViewport(0,0, Bf Sy
 w, Ef
  Bf Sy
 h). Ef

This callback is bound to the Bf Li
 current window Ef

To ask OpenGLUT about the present dimensions of the Bf Li
 current window Ef
 , you can use glutGet().


Unlike other callbacks, GLUT has an Bf Em
 active Ef
  default behavior if you do not set this.   (Most event types passively do nothing if you do not specify a callback to handle them.)

The reshape callback should always be called, if registered, when your window is first created.


glutGet(3) glutReshapeWindow(3)