glutReshapeWindow (3) - Linux Manuals

glutReshapeWindow: Request changing the size of the current window


glutReshapeWindow - Request changing the size of the current window


OpenGLUT - window


In openglut.h Ft void Fn glutReshapeWindow int width int height


Bf Em
 width Ef
    Requested width of the current window

Bf Em
 height Ef
   Requested height of the current window


The glutReshapeWindow() function adjusts the width and height of the Bf Li
 current window Ef
 , if it is an onscreen top-level or subwindow. Subwindows are typically resized and repositioned in response to window resize events.

The window system may delay or even alter your request. Use the glutReshapeFunc() callback registration for the window if you want

If you try to make a subwindow smaller than its parent, the parent will not grow to accomodate the child.


Add support for offscreen windows.