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glutStrokeString: Draw a string of stroked characters.


glutStrokeString - Draw a string of stroked characters.


OpenGLUT - fonts


In openglut.h Ft void Fn glutStrokeString void *fontID const unsigned char *string


Bf Em
 fontID Ef
    A GLUT stroked font identifier.

Bf Em
 string Ef
    A NUL-terminated ASCII string.


This function draws a Bf Sy
 string Ef
 in the font indicated by Bf Sy
 fontID. Ef
  It is Bf Li
 almost Ef
  equivalent to calling glutStrokeCharacter() on each character in the Bf Sy
 string, Ef
 successively. Mostly, it is a convenience function to hide the loop, and to treat \n as a special symbol rather than a normal glyph.

The first character displays at the current model space origin, The origin changes by successive translations.

The newline character, \n (ASCII LF) is treated as a newline and resets the origin horizontally while advancing the line 1 font-height down the y-axis.

Does nothing if:
  Bf Sy
 fontID Ef
 is out of range.
  Bf Sy
 string Ef
 is  Bf Sy
  Bf Sy
 string Ef
 is empty

Unlike glutBitmapString(), there is little performance advantage to using glutStrokeString() as compared with calling glutStrokeCharacter() yourself for every character.