shorewall-tos (5) - Linux Manuals

shorewall-tos: Shorewall Type of Service rules file


tos - Shorewall Type of Service rules file




This file defines rules for setting Type Of Service (TOS)

The columns in the file are as follows.

SOURCE - {all|address]|all:address|$FW}

If all, may optionally be followed by ":" and an IP address, a MAC address, a subnet specification or the name of an interface.

Example: all:

MAC addresses must be prefixed with "~" and use "-" as a separator.

Example: ~00-A0-C9-15-39-78

DEST - {all|address]|all:address}


PROTOCOL - proto-name-or-number

Protocol name or number.

SOURCE PORT(S) - {-|port|lowport:highport}

Source port or port range. If all ports, use "-".

DEST PORT(S) - {-|port|lowport:highport}

Destination port or port range. If all ports, use "-"

TOS - tos

Must be one of the following;

        tos-minimize-delay (16)
        tos-maximize-throughput (8)
        tos-maximize-reliability (4)
        tos-minimize-cost (2)
        tos-normal-service (0)

MARK - [!]value[/mask][:C]

If you don't want to define a test but need to specify anything in the following columns, place a "-" in this field.


Inverts the test (not equal)


Value of the packet or connection mark.


A mask to be applied to the mark before testing.


Designates a connection mark. If omitted, the packet mark's value is tested.