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sssd-files: SSSD files provider


sssd-files - SSSD files provider


This manual page describes the files provider for sssd(8). For a detailed syntax reference, refer to the "FILE FORMAT" section of the sssd.conf(5) manual page.

The files provider mirrors the content of the passwd(5) and group(5) files. The purpose of the files provider is to make the users and groups traditionally only accessible with NSS interfaces also available through the SSSD interfaces such as sssd-ifp(5).


The files provider has no specific options of its own, however, generic SSSD domain options can be set where applicable. Refer to the section "DOMAIN SECTIONS" of the sssd.conf(5) manual page for details on the configuration of an SSSD domain.


The following example assumes that SSSD is correctly configured and files is one of the domains in the [sssd] section.

id_provider = files


The SSSD upstream -