sss_seed (8) - Linux Manuals

sss_seed: seed the SSSD cache with a user


sss_seed - seed the SSSD cache with a user


sss_seed [options] -D DOMAIN -n USER



seeds the SSSD cache with a user entry and temporary password. If a user entry is already present in the SSSD cache then the entry is updated with the temporary password.


-D,--domain DOMAIN

Provide the name of the domain in which the user is a member of. The domain is also used to retrieve user information. The domain must be configured in sssd.conf. The DOMAIN option must be provided. Information retrieved from the domain overrides what is provided in the options.

-n,--username USER

The username of the entry to be created or modified in the cache. The USER option must be provided.

-u,--uid UID

Set the UID of the user to UID.

-g,--gid GID

Set the GID of the user to GID.

-c,--gecos COMMENT

Any text string describing the user. Often used as the field for the user's full name.

-h,--home HOME_DIR

Set the home directory of the user to HOME_DIR.

-s,--shell SHELL

Set the login shell of the user to SHELL.


Interactive mode for entering user information. This option will only prompt for information not provided in the options or retrieved from the domain.

-p,--password-file PASS_FILE

Specify file to read user's password from. (if not specified password is prompted for)


Display help message and exit.


The length of the password (or the size of file specified with -p or --password-file option) must be less than or equal to PASS_MAX bytes (64 bytes on systems with no globally-defined PASS_MAX value).


The SSSD upstream -