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avahi-dnsconfd.action: avahi-dnsconfd action script


avahi-dnsconfd.action - avahi-dnsconfd action script




avahi-dnsconfd.action is the action script that is called whenever a new unicast DNS server is found or removed by avahi-dnsconfd. The default script as shipped with avahi patches /etc/resolv.conf to reflect the changed unicast DNS server configuration.


argv[1] Contains the character "+" if the DNS server is new, "-" when it shall be removed from the DNS server list.
argv[2] The IP address of the DNS server.
argv[3] Numerical network interface number this DNS server was found on.
argv[4] Numerical protocol number this DNS server was found on. (usually 2 for IPv4 and 10 for IPv6)


AVAHI_INTERFACE Contains the textual interface name the corresponds with argv[3]. (e.g. "eth0")
AVAHI_INTERFACE_DNS_SERVERS Contains a list of all DNS servers that avahi-dnsconfd found on the interface $AVAHI_INTERFACE, separated by spaces.
AVAHI_DNS_SERVERS Contains a list of all DNS server that avahi-dnsconfd found on all interfaces, separated by spaces.


The Avahi Developers <avahi (at) lists (dot) freedesktop (dot) org>; Avahi is available from http://avahi.org/


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avahi-dnsconfd(8), avahi-daemon(8)