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avahi-dnsconfd: Unicast DNS server from mDNS/DNS-SD configuration daemon


avahi-dnsconfd - Unicast DNS server from mDNS/DNS-SD configuration daemon


avahi-dnsconfd [options]

avahi-dnsconfd --kill

avahi-dnsconfd --refresh

avahi-dnsconfd --check


avahi-dnsconfd connects to a running avahi-daemon and runs the script /etc/avahi/dnsconfd.action for each unicast DNS server that is announced on the local LAN. This is useful for configuring unicast DNS servers in a DHCP-like fashion with mDNS.


-D | --daemonize
Daemonize after startup and redirect log messages to syslog.
-s | --syslog
Log to syslog instead of STDERR. Implied by --daemonize.
-k | --kill
Kill an already running avahi-dnsconfd. (equivalent to sending a SIGTERM)
-r | --refresh
Tell an already running avahi-dnsconfd to refresh the DNS server data. (equivalent to sending a SIGHUP)
-c | --check
Return 0 as return code when avahi-dnsconfd is already running.
-h | --help
Show help
-v | --version
Show version information


/etc/avahi/avahi-dnsconfd.action: the script to run when a DNS server is found or removed.


SIGINT, SIGTERM: avahi-dnsconfd will shutdown. This is issued by passing --kill to avahi-daemon.

SIGHUP: avahi-dnsconfd will refresh the DNS server data.


The Avahi Developers <avahi (at) lists (dot) freedesktop (dot) org>; Avahi is available from http://avahi.org/


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