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grid-mapfile-delete-entry: Remove entries from a gridmap file


grid-mapfile-delete-entry - Remove entries from a gridmap file


grid-mapfile-delete-entry [ -help | -usage | -version | -versions ]

grid-mapfile-delete-entry -dn DISTINGUISHED-NAME -ln LOCAL-NAME... [ -d | -dryrun ] [ -mapfile MAPFILE | -f MAPFILE ]


The grid-mapfile-delete-entry program deletes mappings from a gridmap file. If both the -dn and -ln options are specified, grid-mapfile-delete-entry removes entries which meet both criteria (remove entries mapping DISTINGUISHED-NAME to LOCAL-NAME for each LOCAL-NAME specified). If only -dn or -ln is specified all entries for the specified DISTINGUISHED-NAME or LOCAL-NAME are removed.

By default, grid-mapfile-delete-entry will modify the gridmap file named by the GRIDMAP environment variable if present, or the file /etc/grid-security/grid-mapfile if not. This can be changed by the use of the -mapfile or '-f command-line options.

Prior to modifying a gridmap file, grid-mapfile-delete-entry saves its current contents to a file with the string .old appended to the original file name.

The full set of command-line options to grid-mapfile-delete-entry are:

-help, -usage

Display the command-line options to grid-mapfile-delete-entry.

-version, -versions

Display the version number of the grid-mapfile-delete-entry command. The second form includes more details.


The X.509 distinguished name to remove from the gridmap file. If the -ln option is not specified, remove all entries for this name; otherwise, remove entries that match both this name and the local name. The name should be in OpenSSL's oneline format.


The POSIX user name to remove from the gridmap file. Include multiple LOCAL-NAME strings after the -ln command-line option to remove multiple names from the gridmap. If the -dn option is not specifeid, remove all entries for these names; otherwise, remove entries that match the DISTINGUISHED-NAME and any of the LOCAL-NAME values.

-d, -dryrun

Display diagnostics about what would be removed from the gridmap file, but don't actually modify the file.

-mapfile MAPFILE, -f MAPFILE

Modify the gridmap file named by MAPFILE instead of the default.


Remove all mappings for a distinguished name:

% grid-mapfile-delete-entry "/DC=org/DC=example/DC=grid/CN=Joe User"
Modifying /etc/grid-security/grid-mapfile ...
Deleting entry: "/DC=org/DC=example/DC=grid/CN=Joe User" juser,juser2
(1) entry deleted

Remove the mapping between a distinguished name and a single local username:

% grid-mapfile-delete-entry "/DC=org/DC=example/DC=grid/CN=Joe User" -ln juser2
Modifying /etc/grid-security/grid-mapfile ...
Current entry: "/DC=org/DC=example/DC=grid/CN=Joe User" juser
(1) mapping removed: (juser2), (0) not present and ignored
(0) entries deleted


The following environment variables affect the execution of grid-mapfile-delete-entry:


Path to the gridmap to modify.


The following files affect the execution of grid-mapfile-delete-entry:


Path to the default gridmap to modify if GRIDMAP environment variable is not set.


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