opadisablehosts (8) - Linux Manuals



(Linux) Searches for a set of hosts in the fabric and disables their corresponding switch port.


opadisablehosts [-h hfi] [-p port] reason host ...


Produces full help text.

-h/--hfi hfi
HFI to send through. The default is the first HFI.

-p/--port port
Port to send through. The default is the first active port.

Text describing the reason hosts are being disabled. reason is saved in the reason field of the output file.

Information about the links disabled is written to a CSV file. By default, this file is named /opa/disabled:hfi:port.csv where the hfi:port part of the file name is replaced by the HFI number and the port number being operated on (such as 0:0 or 1:2). This CSV file can be used as input to opaenableports.
The list is of the form: NodeGUID;PortNum;NodeType;NodeDesc;NodeGUID; PortNum;NodeType;NodeDesc;Reason For each listed link, the switch port closer to this is the one that has been disabled.


opadisablehosts 'bad DRAM' compute001 compute045
opadisablehosts -h 1 -p 2 'crashed' compute001 compute045