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sagator: an email/web antivirus/antispam gateway


sagator - an email/web antivirus/antispam gateway


sagator [--help] [--config filename] [--nodaemon] [--logfile logfilename] [--debug level]


This program is an email/web antivirus/antispam gateway. It is an interface to the postfix, sendmail (or any other smtpd), which runs antivirus and/or spamchecker. It also can be used as http proxy with filtering abilities. Its modular architecture can use any combination of antivirus/spamchecker according to configuration.


-h, --help
Display a short help text.
-c, --config=filename
Load "filename" as alternate config. This filename must be without ".py" extension.
-n, --nodaemon
Don't fork into background after startup. It also implicitly set logfile to stdout. You can change this as next parameter after --nodaemon.
-l, --logfile=logfilename
Filename to store logs. If it is set to "-", standard output will be used.
Set debug level to "level". You can specifi level from 0 to 9. Levels over 9 are dangerous. Please do not use them, if you do not know what are you doing.
Test configuration and exit.
Kill all processes and wait for pid file removation.
Wait for pid file removation.


Jan ONDREJ (SAL) <ondrejj (at)>


sgscan(1), sgfilter(1), sqback(8)