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sheep: Distributed Block Storage System for KVM


sheep - Distributed Block Storage System for KVM


sheep [options] [PATH]


sheep Sheepdog is a distributed storage system for KVM/QEMU. It provides highly available block level storage volumes to virtual machines. Sheepdog supports advanced volume management features such as snapshot, cloning, and thin provisioning. The architecture of Sheepdog is fully symmetric; there is no central node such as a meta-data server.

The server daemon is called sheep(8). A command line utility is available via collie(8). KVM/QEMU virtual machines use the sheep daemon via a block driver available in qemu(1).


-p, --port port
This option specifies the IP port over which sheep looks for other sheepdog cluster nodes.
-f, --foreground
This option forces the sheepdog daemon to run in the foreground.
-l, --loglevel loglevel
This option specifies the message level printed.
-d, --debug
This option displays debug messages.
-h, --help
Display help and exit.


Proper LSB systems will store sheepdog files in /var/lib/sheepdog. The init script uses this directory by default. The directory must be on a filesystem with xattr support. In the case of ext3, user_xattr should be added to the mount options.

mount -o remount,user_xattr /var/lib/shepdog


sheepdog requires QEMU 0.13.z or later and Corosync 1.y.z.


/var/lib/sheepdog - Directory containing block storage information


This software is developed by the sheepdog community which may be reached via mailing list at <sheepdog [at]>.