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beagle-query: search your personal information space


beagle-query - search your personal information space


beagle-query [options] query


beagle-query is used to search your personal information space via Beagle, on the command line. It is a command-line form of the beagle-search GNOME program.


Search options

Reduce the number of search results returned per backend. The default is 100. Increasing this will slow down overall search speed.
Print detailed information about each hit.
Show the entire cached text for each result. Only works with --verbose.
Note that for large documents this will produce extremely large output, so use this with uri queries or queries returning only a few results Not recommended for live-queries or stats-only queries.
Enable live queries. This argument keeps beagle-query running, continuously feeding new matching hits as the system gets aware of them.
Show only statistics on the number of search results and how long it took to get them, and not the results themselves.

Other options

Lists the keywords allowed in query. Keyword queries can be specified as keywordname:value e.g. ext:jpg
Print the usage message.
Print the version information.


You can query for a word, several words or a quoted phrase. When several words are searched, only documents which contain all the words are matched. To specify a phrase, enclose it in shell-escaped quotes (\"search term\").

Besides these beagle supports an advanced query syntax. See for more information.


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beagled(1), beagle-shutdown(1), beagle-status(1),