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ssgrep: search spreadsheets for strings


ssgrep - search spreadsheets for strings


ssgrep [OPTIONS] [FILES]


This manual page briefly documents the ssgrep command.

ssgrep is a command line utility to search for strings in spreadsheets of any format supported by gnumeric. Without any output modifying options, ssgrep prints one line for each match. A match consists of the matching content of a cell or, if the -R option is given, the matching expression result of a cell.


This program follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with single letter options starting with a single dash (`-') and longer options starting with two dashes (`--').

Options controlling input file handling

Recalculate all cells

Options controlling patterns and pattern matching

-f, --keyword-file=FILE
The path to a text file containing one key per line
-i, --ignore-case
Ignore differences in letter case
-w, --word-regexp
Match only whole words
-F, --fixed-strings
Pattern is a set of fixed strings
-R, --search-results
Search results of expressions too
-v, --invert-match
Search for cells that do not match

Options controlling output in general

-c, --count
Only print a count of matches per file
-L, --files-without-matches
Print filenames without matches
-l, --files-with-matches
Print filenames with matches
-q, --quiet
Suppress all normal output
-H, --with-filename
Print the filename for each match
-h, --without-filename
Do not print the filename for each match
-n, --print-locus
Print the location of each match
-T, --print-type
Print the location type of each match

Help options

-V, --version
Display ssgrep's version
-?, --help
Display the supported options
Display a brief usage message


To search for the string "SUM" in the file foo.gnumeric :

ssgrep SUM foo.gnumeric

To search for the strings from the file keywords in the spreadsheet foo.xls :

ssgrep --keyword-file=keywords foo.xls


ssgrep is licensed under the terms of the General Public License (GPL), version 2 or 3. For information on this license look at the source code that came with the software or see the GNU project page <URL: >.


The copyright on ssgrep and the gnumeric software and source code is held by the individual authors as is documented in the source code.


ssgrep's primary author is Jody Goldberg <jody [at]>; ssgrep builds on the gnumeric codebase.

The initial version of this manpage was based on ssindex.1 by J.H.M. Dassen (Ray) <jdassen [at]>.


beagled(1), gnumeric(1), ssconvert(1), ssdiff(1) ssindex(1)

The Gnumeric Homepage <URL: >.

The GNOME project page <URL: >.