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Eric is a systems guy. Eric is interested in building high-performance and scalable distributed systems and related technologies. The views or opinions expressed here are solely Eric's own and do not necessarily represent those of any third parties.

How to Synchronize Thunderbird Calendar and Address Book with Office365 Exchange Online using ActiveSync

Thunderbird is a nice email client available on Linux and Windows. With the Lightning plugin, Thunderbird can support calendar functions well. Exchange is a widely used email and calendar/address book service software. Office 365 provide the cloud version of Exchange named Office 365 Exchange Online. Although Exchange Online provide IMAP for synchronizing emails, it provides […]

How to Change Windows User Name on Windows 10 Using Computer Management

The Windows user name can be changed according to the user’s needs and requirement. The Windows 10 Windows Settings tool interface keeps changing after updates. It is a little hard to find out the tool to do the user name changing. One way to change Windows user name is to do it through the Computer […]

How to Statically Link OCaml Programs

Static linking is preferred for some cases although it has its own various problems. Static building/linking is not always possible for some languages on some platform. For OCaml, the answer to this question is yes. In this post, we will introduce 2 methods to statically linking OCaml: static linking with runtime glibc required and static […]

How to limit shared AWS EC2 accounts’ access to view and start all VMs yet stop only certain VMs

If a team with many accounts share and manages the virtual machines under that same AWS accounts, it is a common practice to limit AWS EC2 accounts’ access to view or start all VMs yet stop only certain VMs. For example, one account has 50 VMs tagged "prod" while 25 VMs tagged "dev". The developers […]

How to enlarge root partition and filesystem size of cloud Linux VM at runtime without rebooting Linux

It is common that the root disk space is not enough when running a Virtual Machine in the cloud such as Amazon Web Service (AWS). The cloud storage usually provides tools or facilities to enlarge a virtual disk size. However, to make the Linux recognize and and use the enlarged disks without rebooting the OS, […]

Do big data stream processing in the stream way

Reading: Years in Big Data. Months with Apache Flink. 5 Early Observations With Stream Processing: The article suggest adopting the right solution, Flink, for big data processing. Flink is interesting and built for stream processing. The broader view and take away may be to solve problems using the right solution. We saw many painful […]

How to set up Insync to synchronize Google Drive and Google Docs files in Ubuntu 18.04 Linux

Google Drive is a nice cloud storage service. It provides a suite of nice online document spreadsheet and slide editors Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides. The collaborative editing and full history tracking features of Google Docs are excellent. Google Drive gives 16GB free storage which is pretty much larger compared to other free […]

Thunderbird Addons to Make Thunderbird Easier to Use

Thunderbird is powerful and feature rich. But different users have different needs and it is not feasible to include all features into the base software, where a plugin system shines. Thunderbird, similar to Firefox from Mozilla, supports addons/plugins and has a large ecosystems. Here, we will introduce several addons to Thunderbird that make Thunderbird easier […]

How to not use concrete types in lambda function parameters in C++11?

C++11 requires that lambda function parameters be declared with concrete types. This is sometimes annoying. auto is really nice, especially when the type is complex like std::vector<std::string>::iterator is quite long to type. I know C++14 allows auto in lambda functions. But how to not use concrete types in lambda function parameters in C++11? In C++11, […]

How to operator[] access element in a const map in C++?

How to operator[] access element in a const map in C++? For example, the compiler will report error on this piece of code: #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <map> std::int64_t count(const std::map<std::string, std::int64_t>& map) { return map[“one”] + map[“two”]; } int main () { std::map<std::string, std::int64_t> map = { {“one”, 1}, {“two”, 2} }; std::cout […]

How to hide my private IP in Email header in Thunderbird?

It seems Thunderbird sends out my private/lan IP to the SMTP server. For example, in an Email sent out by Thunderbird, the header contains Received: from [] ( []) by (Postfix) with ESMTPSA id 92CD297DEA; It is fine that the SMTP server records the public IP ( as it is what it sees. But […]

How to make Vim indent C++11 lambdas correctly?

Vim seems not indent C++11 lambas very well. How to make Vim indent C++11 lambdas correctly? For this following program, Vim indents it as #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <vector> #include <algorithm> int main () { std::vector<std::string> strs({“one”, “two”}); std::vector<std::string> newstrs; std::transform(strs.begin(), strs.end(), std::back_inserter(newstrs), [](const std::string& s) -> std::string { if (s == “one”) { […]

How to enable Email address auto completion in Evolution?

Does Evolution support automatic email address filling/completing in the “To” or “CC” fields which is commonly seen in other Email clients such as Thunderbird. Is is possible and how to enable Email address auto completion in Evolution? Evolution supports the contact autocompletion. To enable it, do as follows in Evolution. In Evolution Preferences dialog, in […]

How to make Evolution not wrap lines in composed Emails?

Evolution seems wrap long lines automatically in “Plain Text” mode. How to make Evolution not wrap lines in composed Emails? Evolution does not have (so far) “Flowing Text” mode where “the text is soft broken at the composer edge, but those soft breaks aren’t translated to hard breaks when the mail is sent” ( Reference: […]

How to list start and end sectors of a partition by parted in Linux?

How to list start and end of a partition by the sectors in parted on Linux? The default behavior seems be listing the start and end by bytes in parted. # parted /dev/sdc print Model: Innostor IS888 ext. HDD (scsi) Disk /dev/sdc: 2000GB Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B Partition Table: gpt Disk Flags: Number Start End […]

How to apply the Email sort order to all folders in Evolution?

Evolution’s default Email sort order is not very convenient, at least to me. How to apply the settings of sort order for a folder to all folders in Evolution? Manually setting the email sort order for each dir is tedious. Evolution has a function to “apply the same view settings to all folder” so that […]