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arm4_control: ARM 4 agent control program


arm4_control - ARM 4 agent control program


arm4_control --help|-h
arm4_control --version|-V
arm4_control [--config|-C config_file] [commands...]


The arm4_control program controls the arm4_daemon program.


-h, --help
display the command line options.
-V, --Version
display the program version and exit.
-C, --Config config_file
specifies a configuration file for this instance instead of using the default configuration file. The default configuration file /etc/arm4.conf is used if none is specified.


help, help commands
show all available commands.
help <command>
show options for the command.
backup the current database to the backup directory. Unless specified in the configuration file, the main backup directory is /var/lib/arm4/data/backup.
collect, collect status
show the current collection state.
collect yes, collect on
turn collection on.
collect no, collect off
turn collection off.
perform a database checkpoint operation
remove the shared memory regions and semaphores, but leave the databases intact. This is normally done when recovering from catastrophic failures.
show if an instance of the arm4_daemon is running.
stop the current arm4_daemon instance.
remove the current database, shared memory regions, and semaphores. This is normally done when upgrading versions.
display currently defined applications with their application ids.
application app_id
display collection parameters for the specified application.
application app_id transactions
displays the transactions definitions and corresponding transaction ids associated with the specified application.
displays the current transaction definitions.
transaction tran_id
displays the configuration for a specific transaction id.
transaction tran_id trace all
trace all transaction instances.
transaction tran_id trace none
turn tracing off.
transaction tran_id trace n
trace every nth transaction instance.
transaction tran_id trace n[s|S]
trace one transaction instance every n tenths of seconds.
transaction tran_id trace application
honor application trace requests.
transaction tran_id trace noapplication
ignore application trace requests.
transaction tran_id trace default
use application default settings.
export definitions
exports application, metric, and transaction definitions in xml format to stdout.
export all
exports the full database including definitions and instance data in xml format to stdout.
import filename
imports an exported database in xml format from the file.


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Copyright © 2005-2008 David Carter <dcarter [at]> and others. All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0 which accompanies this distribution, and is available at


arm4_daemon(1), arm4_report(1), arm4_dump(1), arm4.conf(5)