How to install no-ip update client on Linux Mint?

How to install update client noip2 on Linux Mint 17?

asked Aug 6, 2014 by Eric Z Ma (44,280 points)

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First, install the noip2 client:

sudo su -
cd /usr/local/src
tar xzf noip-duc-linux.tar.gz
cd no-ip-2.1.9-1
make install

Then, generate the configuration file

noip2 -C

Last, make noip2 daemon run at reboot

crontab -e

Add this line to crontab:

@reboot /usr/local/bin/noip2
answered Aug 6, 2014 by Eric Z Ma (44,280 points)

I've followed the instructions right up to 'make install' but then get the error:

gcc -Wall -g -Dlinux -DPREFIX=\"/usr/local\" noip2.c -o noip2
noip2.c:136:19: fatal error: stdio.h: No such file or directory
#include <stdio.h>


compilation terminated.
make: *** [noip2] Error 1

I'm new to Linux running Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca.
If you have a solution I'd appreciate the help.


commented Apr 1, 2015 by dex2177 (100 points)

You system may not have some packages, you may try to install them by

sudo apt-get install libc-dev g++ build-essential
commented Apr 1, 2015 by Eric Z Ma (44,280 points)

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