What is Double-Blind review for a paper?

I want to submit my paper to NAS 2015 but I am confused about its double-blind review

asked Mar 11, 2015 by harryxiyou (5,830 points)

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盲审又包括单盲审(Single-Blind Peer Review, SBPR)和双盲审(Double-Blind Peer Review, DBPR)。双盲审是审者与作者之间互相都不知道彼此身份的匿名评审。在双盲审的过程中,中间组织者的规范和保密工作很重要。单盲审一般是审者知道作者的身份,而作者不知道审者是谁。

Reference: http://emuch.net/html/201104/3022021.html

answered Mar 11, 2015 by harryxiyou (5,830 points)

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