question-closed New Mingle Forum Class

Hi ,

Thank you for your recommendation for removing the canonical link for the forum page only. However, I am am not able to find the following code in the wpf.class.php and was hoping you let us know where we can find this class so that we can modify it accordingly. (Does -1260 refer to the line number in the wpf.class.php?

@@ -1260,7 +1263,10 @@ class mingleforum{

  • }
    • }
    • else {
    • rel_canonical();
    • }

Google is not indexing our forum and we do not want to remove the canonical links globally cause we are not sure if it is going to cause other issues ...

asked Feb 25, 2013 by trueactivist (120 points)
closed Feb 25, 2013 by trueactivist
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