How do I force Linux to unmount a filesystem?

Some time, Linux fails to unmount a filesystem reporting "device is busy". I understand that this helps avoid data lost by disallowing unmouting a filesystem when it is being used.

But for some situations, I am sure there is something wrong happened or I care not data lost, such as a NFS mounting while the NFS server is dead and will never be back. Under these kinds of situations, how do I force Linux to unmount a filesystem?

asked Jan 22, 2016 by anonymous
retagged Jan 27, 2016

1 Answer

You can check this tutorials on how to unmount a "device is busy" filesystem:

How to Force Linux to Unmount a Filesystem Reporting “device is busy”.

answered Jan 23, 2016 by Eric Z Ma (44,280 points)
edited May 22, 2016 by Eric Z Ma

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