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  • Posted on Wednesday August 16, 2023
    This week I’ve been reading through the recent judgment from the Swedish FSA on the Swedbank outage. If you’re unfamiliar with this story, Swedbank had a major outage in April 2022 that was caused by an unapproved change to their IT systems. It temporarily left nearly a million customers with incorrect balances, ... Continue Reading »
  • Posted on Sunday July 16, 2023
    Presto is a free, open source SQL query engine. We’ve been using it at Meta for the past ten years, and learned a lot while doing so. Running anything at scale - tools, processes, services - takes problem solving to overcome unexpected challenges. Here are four things we learned ... Continue Reading »
  • Posted on Sunday July 16, 2023
    You can subscribe to the system design newsletter to excel in system design interviews and software architecture. The original article was published on systemdesign.one website. What Is Gossip Protocol? The typical problems in a distributed system are the following [1], [11]: maintaining the system state (liveness of nodes) communication between nodes The potential solutions to these problems are as follows [1]: centralized ... Continue Reading »
  • Posted on Wednesday February 22, 2023
      This is a guest article by NK. You can view the original article Consistent hashing explained on systemdesign.one website. How does consistent hashing work? At a high level, consistent hashing performs the following operations: The output of the hash function is placed on a virtual ring structure (known as the hash ring) The hashed IP ... Continue Reading »
  • Posted on Friday December 16, 2022
    DALL-E picture generated from the answer. I was curious, given all the ChatGPT love, what it would make of some of our favorite topics. I was both impressed and unimpressed. Impressed. ChatGPT instantly generated an response that might make a good answer in a Miss Universe contest. You know, the kind of ... Continue Reading »
  • Posted on Friday December 02, 2022
    Never fear, HighScalability is here!   1958: An engineer wiring an early IBM computer 2021: An engineer wiring an early IBM quantum computer. @enclanglement   My Stuff: I'm proud to announce a completely updated and expanded version of Explain the Cloud Like I'm 10! This version adds 2x more coverage, with special coverage ... Continue Reading »
  • Posted on Monday October 24, 2022
      There's a move to regulate cloud providers by vertically separating the services they offer. Like railroads of yore, who were not allowed to provide freight services on top of their base services, cloud providers would not be allowed to provide services on top of their base platform services. Vertical separation would be ... Continue Reading »
  • Posted on Monday July 11, 2022
    Never fear, HighScalability is here! Every cell a universe. Most detailed image of a human cell to date. @microscopicture Other images considered: one byte of RAM in 1946; visual guide on troubleshooting Kubernetes; Cloudflare using lava lamps to generate cryptographic keys; 5MB of data looked like in 1966 My Stuff: Love this ... Continue Reading »
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  2. Yeah, the poll() function is broken on MacOS and therefore is not supported in Python for the Mac.The select library supports other polling mechanisms; it essentially exposes whatever the OS supports. Let me look into an update to the code that will use kevent on Macs.

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