No battery status icon on the top panel in Gnome Shell

  The battery icon in Gnome 3 Gnome-shell is missing. How can I fix it?   The system-monitor extension ( ) has a option to enable/disable the battery icon. This extension also shows the CPU/memory/network status which I miss as in Gnome 2. Great extension! The upower service may fail to start if an iPhone is […]

Essential Gnome Shell Extensions for Gnome 3 Users

Gnome Shell has a clean design. But many users want to get more from the desktop environment. Gnome 3’s extension system can help users customize the Gnome Shell’s look greatly. In this post, we summarize 6 extensions we considered essential to make Gnome Shell great. AlternateTab ∞ Make Alt-Tab “classic” instead of grouping windows by […]