How to Add “nomodeset” to Grub2 in Fedora and Ubuntu

I need to add nomodeset to make my GPU card work on Linux. Latest Fedora and Ubuntu and their derives use grub2. How to add nomodeset permanently to grub2 on Fedora and Ubuntu? The parameters grub2 will use are stored in its grub.cfg file. The grub.cfg file is generated from grub’s default settings file /etc/default/grub. To update the kernel parameter in grub2, edit the /etc/default/grub file first. » Read more

How to manually set the boot entry for Windows in grub2?

How to manually set the boot entry for Windows in grub2? Suppose that your Windows is installed on the first partition of the first disk (hd0,1) (yes, it’s right, that is (hd0, 1) if your distribution has not modified grub2’s default behavior) in NTFS format. You can boot your Windows in grub2 by: insmod ntfs set root=(hd0,1) chainloader +1 And then press “F10” to boot it. » Read more

How to Regenerate Grub2 Config Files on Linux

Grub2 config file may need to be re-generated after changing Grub2 configurations such as configuration changes and setting default boot entries. The Grub2’s config file may be at different locations depending on your Linux distro and whether your Linux is booted in BIOS or UEFI mode. This makes regenerating Grub2 config file not easy for Linux users especially beginners. In this post, I will introduce a way that should be portable and easy to use. » Read more

Configuring Linux Kernel Video Mode for 32-bit and 16-bit Boot Protocols

The Linux kernel has a generic driver for a graphic framebuffer named vesafb on intel boxes. It provides a nice large console for most of modern displays. Setting VESA modes for Linux kernel with 32-bit and 16-bit boot protocol are different. We introduce both methods here. Linux kernel with 32-bit boot protocol For machine with some new BIOS other than legacy BIOS, such as EFI, LinuxBIOS, etc, and kexec, the 16-bit real mode setup code in kernel based on legacy BIOS can not be used, so a 32-bit boot protocol needs to be defined. » Read more

Setting Default Entry in Grub2 and Grub

Linux booting is usually controlled by Grub or the new Grub2. Setting the default booting entry is a frequent operations. Here, we introduce how to set the default entry in Grub2 and Grub. Setting the default booting entry in grub2 Note1: With some version of grub2, the grub2-set-default method and the script below may not work. You can check the “Setting default boot entry for grub2 in /etc/default/grub” method below. » Read more