MPlayer over SSH to Play Movie from Remote Host

MPlayer is a great movie player. SSH is a great tool to connect and transfer data over the network securely. Combining these 2 great tools together will be greater. You may already has a small server storing some movies or videos or music and playing them on your laptop will be convenient. In this post, we will introduce three methods to play movie using MPlayer over SSH. » Read more

MPlayer Playing DVD Directories / ISO Files / Disks

MPlayer is a universal (nearly) movie/music player on Linux and many more systems. It’s also my favourite player and MPlayer plays movie or music files in any format that I drop to it. Now, let’s take a look at how to use MPlayer play DVD. MPlayer plays “DVD” in many formats: DVD disks, ISO files, or DVD directory (the files we directly copied from a DVD disk). » Read more

How to Take Screenshots in MPlayer

movie photoTaking screenshots in mplayer is simple. mplayer can also take continuous snapshots. Enable screenshot filter When we want to take screenshots when playing video, first we need to set the “-vf screenshot” option: $ mplayer -vf screenshot video.file If we want to enable the screenshot filter by default, we may put the option by adding one line into ~/.mplayer/config : vf=screenshot To take a single screenshot Just press ‘s‘. » Read more

Useful Mplayer/Mencoder Commands

mplayer/mencoder are powerful tools. This is a list of useful mplayer/mencoder commands. Extract the audio, convert it to PCM and write the resulting wave file to audio.wav: mplayer -vo null -hardframedrop -ao pcm:file=audio.wav video.avi Convert .wav file to .mp3 file: lame -h out.wav out.mp3 Preview a video composed of all jpeg files from the current folder at 15fps: mplayer "mf://*.jpg" -mf fps=15 Create a 15fps video from all jpeg files of the current folder: mencoder "mf://*.jpg" -mf fps=15 -ovc lavc -o ./output.avi Cut a video from second 6 to second 206 (which is 200+6, the output.avi is 200 seconds long): mencoder big-file.avi -ss 6 -endpos 200 -ovc copy -oac copy -o output.avi Convert raw videos into ISO standard MPEG-4 (DivX 5, XVID compatible) videos: mencoder source.avi -ovc lavc -oac lavc -ffourcc DX50 -lavcopts  vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=400:v4mv:mbd=2:trell:autoaspect:dia=2:acodec=mp3:abitrate=32:vpass=1  -vf hqdn3d -o output.avi Get informations about a video: mplayer -frames 0 -identify ./video.avi Show all mplayer filter list: mplayer -vf help Play audio files over ssh connection ssh "cat audio.mp3" | mplayer -cache 8192 - Play files from FTP: wget -O - | mplayer -cache 8192 - Repeat a file multiple times: mplayer file1 -loop 2 file2 -loop 1 file3 -loop 4 Record stream: mplayer -dumpstream -dumpfile output.rm -cache 4096 rtsp:// Update history: Jun 23, 2010. » Read more

How to Install MPlayer and MEncoder on Fedora

Fedora does not include MPlayer or MEncoder for some reasons in its official repositories. But RPMfusion does it for us. Let’s install mplayer and mencoder and learn some tricks to play rmvb files. 1. Add RPMfusion repository: Enable RPM Fusion repositories 2. Install MPlayer and MEncoder # dnf install mplayer mencoder 3. Get codecs Most of the time, you will do not need to manually download codecs. » Read more

Mostly Used MPlayer Keyboard Control Shortcuts

MPlayer has a fully configurable, command-driven control layer which allows you to control MPlayer using keyboard. But which are these shortcuts are not immediately know to users of MPlayer. Below is a list of mostly used MPlayer keyboard control shortcuts. They come from the mplayer manual where you can find a full list of all the MPlayer keyboard control shortcuts. Mplayer keyboard control: left and right Seek backward/forward 10 seconds. » Read more


mplayer 使用中文字幕文件时经常会出现乱码问题. 以下是解决办法: 1. 外挂字体方法 比如当前目录下有文件为Gone with the Wind.avi, 字幕文件为: 可以使用如下命令来播放, 将不会出现中文字幕乱码的问题了: mplayer -ass -subcp cp936 Gone with the Wind.avi -sub 对于以上参数的解释: -ass: Turn on SSA/ASS subtitle rendering. With this option, libass will be used for SSA/ASS external subtitles and Matroska tracks. You may also want to use -embeddedfonts. NOTE: Unlike normal OSD, libass uses fontconfig by default. To disable it, use -nofontconfig. » Read more