How to get file extension in JavaScript?

How to get file extension from a file name in JavaScript? For examples, For “file.txt”, I want to get “txt”. For “file2.multi.ext.fileext”, I want to get “fileext”. This JavaScript function works well for me. function getExt(filename) { var idx = filename.lastIndexOf(‘.’); // handle cases like, .htaccess, filename return (idx < 1) ? “” : filename.substr(idx […]

How to install gitbook?

How to install gitbook on my own Linux box? First, install node.js following or How to install node.js on Ubuntu/Linux Mint depending on your distro. Second, install gitbook by npm to /opt/: # cd /opt/ # npm install gitbook Then, the gitbook can be invoked by /opt/node_modules/gitbook/bin/gitbook.js Answered by Eric Z Ma. You may […]