How to find out which function causes Exception “Stack_overflow” in OCaml

My OCaml program prints: Fetal error: Exception “Stack_overflow” without any further information. How to find out which function causes this “Stack_overflow” exception? First, recompile your OCaml program with -g. Second, rerun your OCaml program with OCAMLRUNPARAM=b and the backtrace will be printed out after the “Stack_overflow” exception. Answered by anonymous.

Max array length in OCaml

What’s the max array length in OCaml. You can check it by: # Sys.max_array_length;; On 64-bit machine: # Sys.max_array_length;; – : int = 18014398509481983 On a 32-bit machne: # Sys.max_array_length;; – : int = 4194303 This is due to the memory representation of arrays. 64 Bit machines are better here. And AFAIK, OCaml was developed […]

Good tools to manage OCaml packages

Which tools to mange OCaml packages in my system (Linux)? I use OPAM to manage OCaml packages: To install it: $ wget $ sh ./ /usr/local/bin More options are available here. To make opam settings take effect, append this to ~/.bashrc: eval `opam config env` Some frequent usages: opam list # List all […]