How to make CentOS Linux to load a module automatically at boot time?

How to make CentOS Linux to load a module, say ixgbe, automatically at boot time? I am using CentOS 7. You can create a text file <some name>.conf in the /etc/modules-load.d/ and list the modules to be loaded there, one per line. The systemd-modules-load.service daemon will read these files and load the modules. Check more […]

How to configure ifcfg-eth0 network scripts on Fedora/RHEL Linux?

How to configure the ifcfg-* network script files under /etc/sysconfig/network-script/ on Fedora/RHEL Linux? Following is a very typical ifcfg-eth0 file setting static IP/gateway/network mask: DEVICE=eth0 BOOTPROTO=none ONBOOT=yes NETMASK= IPADDR= GATEWAY= USERCTL=no More options are supported, here you can find a reference: Interface Configuration Files (a easier to read PDF from F15 doc). Answered by Eric […]

How to install vbetool on CentOS 6.6?

I found CentOS 6.6 does not ship vbetool in its default repositories, EPEL or RPMfusion. How to install vbetool on CentOS 6.6? First, download the source package from and unpack the package. Second, install needed packages: # yum pciutils-devel pciutils-devel-static libx86-devel During the building, it will try to find the libpci.a in a different […]