How to Install Paravirtualized CentOS 7 DomU on Xen

This post introduces how to install a paravirtualized CentOS 7 DomU on Xen. The very common way of installing DomU does not work for CentOS 7. A little trick to set the repository and the network used by the VM should be used by adding a setting strings to the “extra=” field for this VM.

To install the DomU VM, first download the pxeboot images from CentOS’s official website at

The commands are (assume we are working in a directory of the VM /home/xen/centos7/ ):

# wget
# wget

Prepare the configuration file centos7.cfg used for the VM:

disk=['file:/home/xen/centos7/vmdisk0,xvda,w' ]
extra="ksdevice= inst.repo= ip= nameserver="

Here, note the trick of adding the line

extra="ksdevice= inst.repo= ip= nameserver="

Here is the IP assigned to the VM and is the gateway. You will need to change the parameters here according to your network environment for the VM.

Prepare the disk image for the VM in the VM’s directory:

# dd if=/dev/zero of=./vmdisk0 bs=1k seek=20480k count=1

Now, start the VM and it will starts to install itself,

# xl create -c centos7.cfg

Then, just follow the CentOS 7’s instructions to install and configure the VM.

Booted the kernel and starting to download the installation files:


Choose the installation interface (choose “Use text mode”):


Make the choices for various OS configurations:


Started to install packages:


Installation completes:


Boot the VM again with a normal configuration file and it work nicely now:


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