5 necessary PC hardware that a programmer needs to upgrade

5 necessary PC hardware that a programmer needs to upgrade

The world of technology has evolved drastically over the last few decades. Almost every aspect of our lives is dominated by technology. At the heart of technology lies computer programming. Computer programming is what dictates the success of the technology. I mean think about it, your smartphone, PC, ETC they all rely on programming.

This extensive demand for programming has led to many people to take a keen interest in programming. People are programming at the comforts of their home, and are constantly innovating. If you are a programmer who Is thinking about upgrading your PC hardware to make it convenient for programming- then this article is for you. I shall talk about the five most important hardware upgrade that your PC needs if it were to be a programmer’s haven.

1) Keyboard

If you are a programmer, then you have a good idea as to how perplex programming can get. Decent software is made of tons of characters all of which need to be typed manually. It is therefore consequential that a good keyboard is needed for optimum programming experience.  A keyboard is like a weapon to a program- the better the keyboard, the better the programming experience. I say this because most programming sessions require you to continuously stare at the computer monitor- and you cannot afford to look at the keyboard. You could say that your fingers are in direct contact with your job. I suggest you upgrade to a mechanical keyboard- one which has fairly large keys that respond very quickly to touch. This combination will allow typing what’s on your mind at the speed at which you are thinking. You must also upgrade for a better build quality on body and keycaps. Be sure to look for multiple options on the keyboard and a sharp label on keycaps will also help.

There are expensive gaming keyboards out there that look incredible- but remember that these are suited for only gaming and not so much for programming. Don’t be fooled by the looks.

2) CPU chip

The central processing chip is the brain of the computer. Most people think of it as a software, but at the end of the CPU chip is a physical commodity of your PC- so by definition, it is hardware. There are many types of programming that a PC can do- some may require different levels of power than others. But the important thing to consider here is whether the CPU chip holds the ability to develop and execute.

Develop is the building up the code. It is the process which involves forming a command through a series of characters. Execute is bringing the characters to live- so, it is the process of making the computer understand the command.

Upgrading   CPU chip should, therefore, be quintessential if you wish to be a successful programmer. There are several CPU chips out there in the market, but the best one should be such that it meets your programming needs smoothly. The term ‘smoothly’ here means that power of the CPU chip should be such that the no extra pressure is exerted on the chip when you are doing your required programming.

3) Monitor

Now, this may seem like an odd addition to the list. you might be wondering what does monitor has to do with programming? Monitors are conventionally seen as an ‘entertainment’ part of the CPU. Let me clarify: we often think monitors help us get better movie, gaming experiences. Now that is true but we often forget is that programming requires long hours of staring at the computer monitor. So, for programmers, the computer monitor has to be such that it prevents eye strains, blurry visions ETC.

To prevent excruciating strain on your eyes and consequently lack of focus and less productivity- are few of the reasons why upgrading your computer monitor is of uttermost significance. There are many monitors out there- but I recommend you care less about the size and more about the screen resolution. A screen resolution will allow you to see clearly without straining your eyes much. In the long run, the rightfully upgraded monitor makes a huge impact on your programming prosperity.

4) Mouse

Another, apparently comical addition to the list. But you’ll be surprised to see how much improvement the right type of mouse can bring to your programming productivity. The everyday computer mouse will cause fatigue and prolonged usage may even cause tendon pains. Programming, without a doubt, demands a huge chunk of your time so a conventional mouse is not at all suitable for a programmer.

There many things to consider when buying a mouse for programming. Firstly, you need to check its sensitivity- so that small movement can get a greater deal of work done. Secondly, the material of the mouse is also important- you need to ensure that you can hold it comfortably.

5) CPU cooler

Previously I’ve mentioned the significance of CPU and how it determines your programming efficiency. The CPU cooler is extremely important hardware upgrade if you are into intense programming. Programming itself can be very frustrating at times- if your PC starts lagging in the process, then imagine how big that frustration will become. The CPU cooler ensures that the CPU doesn’t overheat. The conventional CPU coolers will not get the job done if you are a programmer. As programming can put immense pressure on your CPU at times. You, therefore, need to upgrade your CPU cooler and ensure your CPU doesn’t overheat even when you’ve been programming for several hours.

There are many CPU coolers out there in the market- most of them is a simple fan. However, a more sophisticated form of CPU coolers involves liquid cooling. I recommend you upgrade to liquid cooling if you programming continuously for a long period of time.


Programming is a tough job there’s no denying that- however- the above-mentioned upgrades can surely ease your pain. In fact, they will surprisingly improve your programming efficiency. If you are looking for something to program when you are on the go- then I recommend you check this article out as it will give you a detailed idea as to which laptop to choose in your budget.

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