Installing New Disks and Setting Up RAID0 in MegaRAID BIOS on IBM x3620M3

We have 19 IBM x3620M3 servers which use LSI MegaRAID in our cluster and always find the interface hard to use and need to struggle a lot to install one new disk. Here, I note down the process with screenshots of how to configure the new disks and set up RAID0 in the MegaRAID BIOS for reference by other and myself. It is illustrated with one example by adding a new 2TB hard disk and creating a new RAID0 with the disk only (yes, we do this to expose the raw disk to the Linux OS).

There are two major steps with minor steps in each.

Setting the disk into Unconf Good status

Enter the Physical View; Choose the corresponding disk and press ENTER:

Physical View

Choose the Make Unconf Good status and click Go:

Unconf Good Status

Then you can find the new installed drive:

New drive installed

Setting up the disk into RAID0

Enter Configuration Wizard interface from the Home. If you want to keep the original configuration, choose Add configuration:

Add new configuration

Choose Manual Configuration:

Manual configuration

Choose your disk on the left, and click Add to array.

Add to array

It will add the disks into a new group on the right. Then click Accept DG:

Accept DG

Click next and in click Add to SPAN and click next:

Add to SPAN

Choose Accept for the RAID configuration:

RAID configuration

And choose Yes for configuration. Then you can review the configuration and click Accept if it is correct:

Review configuration

It will ask your configuration too. In the Home screen, you can find the new drive online:

New drive online

And you can find the new disk in Linux after rebooting:

New disk in Linux

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3 Replies to “Installing New Disks and Setting Up RAID0 in MegaRAID BIOS on IBM x3620M3”

  1. Note: to turn back a disk (originally in use) in [Forgen, unconfigured bad] status back:

    1. Make the disk to “unconfigured good”.
    2. Import the configuration by “Controller selection” -> “Preview”.

    1. Hi Eric

      Please allowed me to explain my problem, i swapped one of HDD on server while running windows with RAID 5, but unfortunately i checked in Mega RAID , status of New HDD stil unconfigured bad. How to recovery My New HDD and be able to join to RAID 5 without crash ?

      High appreciated if you help me on this case

      Thank you

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