JSP Connecting to MySQL

We use tomcat as the container used for instructions in the post. 1) Download the driver mysql-connector-java-*.*.*-bin.jar and put it into WEB-INF/lib/, and remember to restart tomcat. 2) The example code as follows. String driverName="com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"; String userName="username"; String userPasswd="password"; String dbName="dbname"; String tableName="tablename"; String url="jdbc:mysql://localhost/"+dbName+"?user="+userName+"&password="+userPasswd; Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver").newInstance(); Connection conn=DriverManager.getConnection(url); Statement statement = conn.createStatement(); String sql="SELECT * […]

How to Generate and Apply Patches using diff and patch on Linux

diff and patch are tools to create patches and apply patches to source code, which is widely used in the open-source world, such as Linux kernel and application. patch: applying patches To apply a patch to a single file: $ patch < foo.patch If the foo.patch does not identify the file the patch should be […]