Vim Indenting C/C++ Code

Vim provides some basic formatting commands. A combination of these commands with the editing commands will make the programmer happy.

A list of basic text formatting commands in Vim:

  • = is an operator that formats/indents text.
  • i{ is a text object that specifies the surrounding code block. It should be used together with v, =, etc.

Some basic but useful operation that are combination of the two basic ones above:

  • vi{ visually selects the inner code block around the cursor.
  • =i{ formats the code block.
  • =2i{ formats the current block and the block around it.
  • == formats current line.

The method to format a block of C/C++ or Java code:

  • First, go to the start point of codes to be formatted, then press v to start selection.
  • Second, go to the end point.
  • Third, press = to format the codes that have been selected. All braces and indentations will be aligned.

A short way to format the whole buffer:

  • gg=G

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