Conference Ranking by Average Number of Citations in the Last 5 Years, 2012

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I am trying to find out the top conferences that have the largest average number of citations in the last 5 years on the Internet but fail to find one. However, there are many rankings about the overall citations and numbers of publications. Hence, it is not hard to calculate the average number of citations by ourselves and check which conferences rank most.

I first choose the 300 conferences that are most cited and then rank them by the average number of citations. There are 30 conferences with 10+ average citations. The following table lists the 30 conferences.

Conference ranking by average number of citations in the last 5 years, 2012
RankConference# paper# citation# citation/paper
1The Adaptive Web2385637.2174
2SOSP – ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles48161933.7292
3ISCA – International Symposium on Computer Architecture180408122.6722
4NDSS – Network and Distributed System Security Symposium67129419.3134
5SIGCOMM – ACM SIGCOMM Conference318558217.5535
6PLDI – SIGPLAN Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation206348416.9126
7NSDI – Networked Systems Design and Implementation161261716.2547
8VLDB – Very Large Data Bases182274515.0824
9S&P – IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy157232514.8089
10OSDI – Operating Systems Design and Implementation6793914.0149
11IMC – Internet Measurement Conference159222013.9623
12MobiSys – International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services136189513.9338
13EUROSYS – EuroSys Conference145201713.9103
14STOC – ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing284374313.1796
15MobiHoc – Mobile Ad Hoc Networking and Computing195249012.7692
16MICRO – International Symposium on Microarchitecture135164912.2148
17ICCV – International Conference on Computer Vision731875411.9754
18EUROCRYPT – Theory and Application of Cryptographic Techniques168200711.9464
19ISMB – Intelligent Systems in Molecular Biology121141811.7190
20VEE – International Conference on Virtual Execution Environments6980111.6087
21USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies111126711.4144
22POPL – ACM SIGPLAN-SIGACT Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages243276511.3786
23USENIX – USENIX Technical Conference118133211.2881
24MOBICOM – Mobile Computing and Networking377411210.9072
25PODS – Symposium on Principles of Database Systems125135610.8480
26CRYPTO – International Crytology Conference150159410.6267
27USENIX Security Symposium130134510.3462
28SIGMOD – International Conference on Management of Data589601610.2139
29HPCA – International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture200203310.1650
30ASPLOS – Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems164166410.1463

I marked the conferences that I am familiar with—SOSP, NSDI, OSDI, EuroSys, VEE and USENIX ATC. These conferences are indeed very good ones in the cloud computing system research area.

I also attached a PDF file that contains all the 300 conferences that I examine. Download the PDF.

Claim: This “ranking” is for my personal entertainment only and the ranking/numbers here are from the Internet and are not guaranteed to be accurate or correct. Hence, no one should consider this as a serious ranking of the conferences.

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